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SupremeSoft Header Towels

The header towel offers a soft, lightweight overlay on traditional terry towels. It features a tuck-in collar for beds with a face hole, enhancing comfort and protecting against oils and germs with a built-in polo collar. Demonstrated on a Gharieni Luxury Treatment bed, this energy-efficient towel is easy to remove, wash, and quickly dry.

SupremeSoft Treatment Bed Makeover Demo

The SupremeSoft couch cover fits a standard treatment bed in three easy steps, including a face cradle, with an optional detachable cover for extra comfort. Start by placing a Jumbo sheet as the base, then add another to fully envelop your client in comfort.

Serenity Jumbo Sheets

Serenity Jumbo Sheets are designed to repel oils and odours while staying soft and fluffy. Ideal for commercial use in spas and colleges, these extra-long towels cover treatment couches completely and are available with or without a head hole for versatility in massage treatments.

Serenity Waffle Couch Cover, Jumbo Sheet and Bath sheet

This video highlights how three specific towels can improve efficiency and hygiene in salons and spas. It features the Serenity Couch cover that conceals sockets and adds storage, a waffle-pattern Jumbo sheet that absorbs less oil, and a large Bath Sheet to fully cover clients. A Hand towel is also shown, used for neck support or hair protection during treatments.

SupremeSoft XL Treatment Towel & Elasticated Couch Covers

This fitted couch cover is elasticated to fit wide electric couches to enhance the bed and protect the couch. The XL Treatment Towel has a tuck in collar, feels soft, prevents skin contact and protects the couch from oils. You can also use an extra-jumbo sheet or an additional XL Treatment Towel as a top layer to cover your client comfortably from head to toe.

SupremeSoft Treatment Makeover Kit Transformation

Transform your treatment couch with the SupremeSoft couch cover, complete with a head hole for a sleek look. Add a Jumbo Sheet with a tuck-in collar for softness and hygiene, and another to fully cover your client. Complete the setup with a perfectly sized Treatment Pillow, available with an optional waterproof cover to repel oils.

SupremeSoft Treatment Makeover Kit Demo

This video demonstrates the SupremeSoft Treatment Bed Makeover in three easy steps. See how the SupremeSoft couch cover fits a standard treatment bed with an optional face cradle for extra protection. Learn to lay a Jumbo sheet as a base and add a second sheet to fully cover your client from head to toe, enhancing both comfort and hygiene.

Serenity Couch Cover and Jumbo Sheet

This video features the Serenity Couch cover with a head hole, elegantly draped to hide sockets and add storage. Watch as we layer a waffle pattern Jumbo sheet for an oil-resistant base, and demonstrate options like a full-coverage Bath Sheet, a hygienic SupremeSoft Header towel, a waterproof Treatment Pillow, and a protective Hand towel.

Maximising Comfort with SupremeSoft Jumbo Sheets

This video showcases the versatility of the SupremeSoft Jumbo Sheet, ideal for spas and salons. Discover how it serves both as a comfortable base layer for clients to lie on and an extra-long towel for full coverage. Its unique fabric absorbs 65% less oil than traditional towels, making it a superior choice for professional use.

Exploring Couch Cover Options with BC Softwear

Explore the two types of couch covers offered by BC Softwear in this brief video. See the SupremeSoft cover for traditional couches, available with or without a face hole and designed to create extra storage underneath. Also, check out our fitted covers for electric couches with arms, which are elasticated for a snug, sleek fit on your treatment beds.

SupremeSoft Jumbo Sheet in Action

Watch this video to see the SupremeSoft extra-long jumbo sheet in use during a spa treatment. The clip demonstrates how treatments can be effectively performed using the sheet to minimise direct skin contact, showcasing its softness and practicality in a professional spa setting.

The Pure Spa Linen Range

Discover how BC Softwear, a leading supplier of spa linen, luxury robes, and footwear, enhances the spa experience. This video showcases the Pure Spa Linen range in action at The Langley, a Luxury Collection Hotel, demonstrating how it can elevate your 5-star spa and treatment offerings.

Pure Spa Linen Product Demo

Designed specifically for luxury spas, the new Pure Spa Linen collection includes cotton sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases that offer a cashmere-soft feel and significant energy savings compared to traditional towelling.

Treatment Pillow and Waterproof Pillow Protector Cover

Watch this product demo to see the unique design and versatile use of the Treatment Pillow, tailored for treatment beds. Ideal for use as a bolster during massage treatments or as neck support, this pillow features a fully waterproof protector that shields it from oils, germs, and moisture.

SupremeSoft Face Cradle

Designed to be washable and soft on the client's skin, this cover not only protects the couch from oils and germs but also features a convenient zip around the top. Made from SupremeSoft fabric, it repels oils efficiently, absorbing 65% less oil than traditional towelling, making it an essential upgrade for any treatment setting.

Serenity Waffle Towelling Headband

Crafted from absorbent waffle towelling, this headband includes an adjustable Velcro fastening for a comfortable fit. Specifically designed for salon and spa treatments, it effectively protects hair from oils, ensuring a practical and hygienic solution for any beauty routine.

Towelling Face and Body Wash Mitts

Watch this product demo to see the Towelling Face and Body Wash Mitts in action. These mitts are soft to the touch and generously sized to fit your full hand comfortably. Ideal for salon use, they serve as a natural gentle exfoliator for facials and body treatments. Each mitt also features a handy hanging loop, making them easy to dry and store between uses.

Elegance Bathrobes Features

Discover how the shaped Raglan sleeves offer a fitted and contoured fit compared to traditional square sleeves. Explore the bleach-resistant piping on the shawl collar, pocket tops, and cuffs, enhancing the durability and style of these luxurious bathrobes.

The Resilient Features of BC SoftWear Bathrobes

Explore the exceptional features of BC SoftWear bathrobes in this video. Learn about the double belt loops designed for adjustable waists, ensuring a comfortable fit for every client. Discover how reinforced seams on all pockets prevent pulling and tearing, while double-stitched hanging loops provide added strength and durability.

The Comfy Hot/Gym Towel

Discover the ultimate gym essential! Our wide and long gym towel is meticulously designed to elevate your workout experience. This gym towel is not only the perfect size for tough workouts but also helps save time in the laundry and reduces energy consumption.

The Comfy Hot/Gym Towel

Perfectly sized for a Hot Towel Caddy and ideal for steam facials, this towel is longer and slimmer than traditional hand towels, saving you time and energy on unnecessary washing and drying. Watch the video to discover how our Comfy Hot Towel can transform your spa rituals into moments of pure bliss!

The Comfy Manicure Towel in Action

Watch how this perfectly sized Manicure Towel streamlines your salon workflow. No need for oversized towels anymore - this compact solution not only saves on laundry but also reduces the volume of toweling you need to wash.

The Comfy Guest Towel

Discover how the Comfy Guest towel revolutionises guest experiences in luxury hotels. This premium towel, expertly crafted by BC SoftWear, offers unparalleled comfort and hygiene, making it the perfect choice for washrooms and bathrooms. Say goodbye to unnecessary laundry and hello to a more luxurious guest experience.

BC SoftWear Bath Sheets

Our generously sized bath sheets, expertly crafted to meet the needs of hotels, salons, and spas, offer unparalleled comfort and absorbency. With multiple ranges to choose from and prompt stock availability, upgrading your towel experience has never been easier.

Disposable Flip Flops for Spa Use

Explore the convenience of our flat-packed disposable flip flops in this quick demo. Designed to save space and provide hygienic footwear solutions, these flip flops are easy to assemble and perfect for pedicure treatments. Discover how they blend practicality with hygiene, making them an ideal choice for spa settings.

Luxury Fleecy Slippers with Enhanced Comfort and Safety

Discover the ultimate in comfort with our luxury fleecy slippers, featuring closed toes and extra sole padding. The Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) sole provides outstanding anti-slip properties and durability, while also being washable and 100% recyclable. Ideal for anyone seeking luxurious, safe, and eco-conscious footwear.

Triple Layer Cotton Masks

Made with 100% natural cotton and a breathable synthetic middle layer for enhanced filtration, these washable masks are perfect for everyday use, offering a sustainable alternative to disposable options. Each mask is designed for a snug fit with a hidden wire and comes individually wrapped.

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