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A Family-Owned Business Since 2002

Founded by Barbara Cooke and co-managed with her son Sam, BC SoftWear has been a family-owned enterprise since its inception in 2002.

Rooted in a deep passion for textiles and quality craftsmanship, we've grown to become the leading supplier of luxury textiles for hotels and spas.

Our family-oriented approach ensures that we provide not just exceptional products, but also a level of personal service and attention to detail that sets us apart.



BC SoftWear's dedication to the art of textile creation sets us apart. Our expertise is woven into our production process, with comprehensive quality assurances at every production stage, seamlessly combining technology with human intervention.



BC SoftWear is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our eco-friendly line showcases the perfect harmony between luxurious comfort and conscious living, allowing our clients to pamper themselves guilt-free.



Embracing the latest advancements in textile technology, we continuously strive to innovate and push boundaries. Our commitment to innovation fuels our passion for creating revolutionary products that redefine luxury.


Customer Service

At BC SoftWear, exceptional customer service is woven into our core. We pride ourselves on going beyond the ordinary, ensuring that each interaction reflects our commitment to delivering unparalleled support and satisfaction.



We never compromise on quality. Our textiles undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring they stand the test of time and provide unmatched durability.


The Beginning of BC SoftWear

Origins of a Textile Revolution

Founded in 2002 by CEO Barbara Cooke, BC SoftWear was born from Barbara's transition from a tech sector career to harnessing the superior quality of Turkish towelling. Starting from her home, the brand name reflects her IT background and personal initials.

Barbara aimed to provide high-quality textiles to enhance the luxury experience in hotels and spas. Securing early contracts with prestigious hotels like the Cliveden Hotel and The Savoy, BC SoftWear quickly became a preferred supplier.

Her direct collaboration with hotel staff and Turkish textile engineers led to the development of the Sumptuous towel, a market-leading product. Barbara's innovative spirit and commitment to quality have established BC SoftWear as a symbol of luxury and excellence in the textile industry.


Expansion and Consolidation

BC SoftWear's Milestone Move

After five years of building up the business, Barbara had established a loyal customer base among some of the most illustrious hotels in the UK, as well as the largest commercial laundries servicing hotels.

Larger premises were needed to keep up with demand, so BC SoftWear moved to its first “proper” home – an office and 5,000 sq ft warehouse.


A Milestone in Team Growth

Envisioning the Future

Barbara identified new opportunities to cater to the spa and beauty salon sector with high-quality towelling. Understanding the unique challenges these businesses faced, she sought innovative solutions. This led to the creation of the Serenity waffle towel range, specifically designed to absorb less oil for easier cleaning and extended durability. Additionally, the introduction of the “jumbo” sheet, an industry first, was significant for being large enough to cover any treatment couch and featuring an integrated head hole.

As BC SoftWear's operations expanded, Barbara welcomed her first full-time employee, marking a significant milestone in the company's growth. This addition underscored the company's commitment to excellence and reliability, ensuring that stock levels were meticulously managed to meet the growing demand.


TowelSoft Launch and Expansion into Slippers

Broadening Horizons with E-commerce

To make the BC SoftWear products available to a wider market, in 2009 we launched our first ecommerce website under the “TowelSoft” brand.

We also further expanded our product range, starting to offer hotel and spa slippers. Within a decade we were selling up to 4 million pairs every year.


Enhancing Safety in Our Slippers

Non-Slip Innovations Earn Prestigious Accreditation

In response to heightened health and safety considerations, BC SoftWear took decisive action to improve the safety attributes of our slippers. Acknowledging the critical need to prevent slips and accidents, we adapted our spa slippers to feature non-slip soles. This significant enhancement not only raised the safety profile of our offerings but also led to prestigious recognition from the British Leather Technology Centre. Today, we take pride in ensuring all our spa slippers come equipped with non-slip soles, marrying luxury with essential safety for our customers.


A New Era for BC SoftWear

From Ground-Level Operations to Strategic Leadership

As BC SoftWear's operations and team grew, a particularly joyful moment for Barbara was the opportunity to welcome her son, Sam, into the fold. Starting his journey in customer services, Sam was hands-on from the beginning, from unloading containers to picking and packing orders. Through dedication and hard work, he ascended within the company, now standing as a pivotal figure within our leadership team, embodying our core values and driving our vision forward.


A New Chapter in Growth and Efficiency

Securing Our Future with a State-of-the-Art Facility

As BC SoftWear continued to flourish, both in terms of our business scale and team size, the decision to transition to a new location became inevitable. This move wasn't just about finding more room; it was a strategic step towards future-proofing our operations. We ambitiously expanded our operational footprint by relocating to a facility that boasts a 10,000 sq ft space, effectively doubling our storage capabilities and providing us with state-of-the-art offices. This significant upgrade marks a pivotal chapter in our journey, setting the stage for enhanced efficiency, greater inventory capacity, and the continued delivery of exceptional service to our clients.


Pioneering Sustainability and Durability

Our Commitment to Innovation through R&D

Aware that innovation is key to keeping our customers happy, we worked closely with our main factory’s research and development centre, which opened in 2014. As well as exploring ways to make our products more durable, the centre is pivotal in developing environmentally-friendly production techniques, as well as more sustainable products.


A Leap Towards Sustainable Luxury

Championing Eco-Friendly Production

Embracing eco-friendly initiatives has always been at the heart of BC SoftWear's philosophy. In our continuous quest for sustainability, 2017 marked a significant milestone with the introduction of the SupremeSoft bathrobe. This innovative product, a harmonious blend of cotton and polyester, is not just a testament to our commitment to luxury and comfort but also to our dedication to environmental stewardship. The SupremeSoft bathrobe is designed to require 70% less energy to wash and dry, representing a substantial leap forward in reducing our carbon footprint. The immediate impact of this initiative was profound, with an impressive 35,000 SupremeSoft robes sold in its debut year, underscoring the market's appreciation for sustainable luxury.


Elevating Our Operational Excellence

Stepping Into a Spacious Future

2019 marked a significant phase of growth and expansion for BC SoftWear, as we embraced a strategic relocation to accommodate our escalating needs. Moving into our current premises, a sprawling 20,000 sq ft warehouse and office space in Maidenhead, was not just a decision for growth but a testament to our aspirations and commitment to excellence. This substantial upgrade in our operational capacity has enabled us to streamline our processes, enhance our product range, and improve service delivery, ensuring we continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our luxury-seeking clientele with efficiency and elegance.


Advancing Sustainability and Innovation 

Introducing the SmartKnit Range

Building on the remarkable success of our SupremeSoft bathrobes, in 2020 BC SoftWear took a further step towards sustainability and innovation. We proudly introduced the SupremeSoft treatment linen range alongside the SmartKnit range, embodying our commitment to eco-friendly practices. These snag-free towels are not only a testament to our dedication to quality and durability but also to our environmental consciousness. By ensuring these towels require less energy throughout the laundry cycle, we offer our clients a cost-effective solution that simultaneously reduces carbon footprints. This initiative underscores our ongoing efforts to blend luxury with sustainability, setting new standards in the textile industry for environmental responsibility.


The BC SoftWear Brand Evolution

Streamlining Our Identity

In a strategic move to streamline our brand and reinforce our commitment to uniform excellence, we decided to merge the TowelSoft brand into the main BC SoftWear brand. This decision underscores our dedication to ensuring that our customers experience the same high-quality products and impeccable service, regardless of whether they purchase online or in person. By consolidating our brands, we've simplified our message and strengthened our promise of delivering unparalleled quality and service across all touchpoints. This merger not only reflects our cohesive brand identity but also aligns with our mission to provide consistent, top-tier luxury textile solutions to our esteemed clientele.


Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

BC SoftWear Marks Its 20th Anniversary

In 2022, BC SoftWear proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of excellence in luxury textiles. From our beginnings to becoming a leading supplier for luxury hotels and spas in the UK, our journey has been defined by innovation, quality, and sustainability.

This milestone reflects our dedication and passion, and we are grateful to our loyal clients and partners for their support. As we look to the future, BC SoftWear remains committed to delivering products that embody our core values, continuing to set benchmarks in the textile industry. Here’s to the next twenty years of excellence.


New Colours, Sizes, and Facilities

Innovating Style and Growing Globally

In 2023, BC SoftWear continued to innovate and expand our offerings to meet the diverse needs of our clientele. We introduced a new colour, Sage Green, in our SupremeSoft bathrobe and linen range, as well as in our Comfy towel range. This colour has quickly become a favourite for our clients.

To promote inclusivity in the hospitality industry, we expanded our size range, offering more plus sizes up to 4XL in various products. Additionally, we launched the Pure Linen Deluxe range for spas looking to elevate their customer experience with superior quality.

We also introduced the thicker and even more luxurious SupremeSoft 400gsm bathrobe and spa treatment linen, setting new standards for comfort and quality.

Recognising significant growth in the region, we opened a warehouse fulfilment and embroidery facility in the Republic of Ireland. This expansion ensures faster delivery and personalised service for our Irish customers.


Strengthening Our European Presence

BC SoftWear Opens New Distribution Hub in the Netherlands

In 2024, BC SoftWear expanded its European operations with the opening of a new distribution hub in the Netherlands. This strategic addition enhances our ability to provide seamless service to our European customers, ensuring faster deliveries and eliminating customs hurdles post-Brexit.

The Netherlands hub positions us to better serve the EU market with quick and efficient distribution. By shipping products directly from our factory in Turkey to the Netherlands, we are also reducing our carbon footprint. This year, we successfully fulfilled our first order through the hub to One&Only Kéa Island in Greece, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and sustainability in service.


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Barbara Cooke



Sam Cooke



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Exceptional Quality

Our Commitment to Uncompromising Quality

At BC SoftWear, we believe that you deserve nothing less than the best. This belief is the foundation of everything we do. Our commitment to unparalleled quality is evident in every detail of our products.

We are dedicated to creating gorgeous towelling which feels wonderful against your skin. By constantly evolving our weaves and production techniques, we ensure that our towels and bathrobes give you the true touch of luxury.

We exclusively use genuine Turkish towelling, renowned for its luxurious texture and longevity, and source only the finest embroidery thread. This meticulous attention to quality ensures that every item you receive from us meets the highest standards of excellence.

Setting New Standards Image
Setting New Standards Image
Setting New Standards Image

Quality First At Every Stage

From Concept to Completion

We are rigorous in our quality control, to ensure that you only receive the most exceptional products

Each step in our production process is hand finished and reviewed by eye. We use digital analysis to ensure every item is woven without fault. Before anything leaves our factory it has a final quality control check by independent inspectors employed by us. And the scrutiny continues when each item arrives in our warehouse.

Our quality control procedures meet ISO9000 standards and our products are all OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.

Quality First At Every Stage Image

Our State-of-the-Art Warehouse

Efficiency and Responsibility

Discover the core of BC SoftWear where efficiency and readiness converge. Our expansive 20,000 square foot warehouse ensures that we consistently have a comprehensive range of products in stock, ready for immediate dispatch. This means seamless service for you—no waiting, no fuss.

In our pursuit of excellence, we also embrace responsibility. Our facility operates with a commitment to sustainability: we are proud to be a plastic-free environment and use electric forklifts to minimise our carbon footprint.

To facilitate ongoing growth internationally, we have a warehouse fulfillment and embroidery facility in the Republic of Ireland, since this region has seen significant growth over the last year.

Furthermore, in order to continue our Mainland Europe expansion, we have opened a Netherlands hub to offer similar facilities.

Warehouse Image

20,000 Square Foot

Our warehouse spans a massive 15,000 square feet, ensuring ample space for an extensive inventory ready for immediate dispatch.


100% Electric

Pioneering green logistics, our all- electric forklift fleet underscores our commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Zero Plastic

Embracing eco-friendly practices, we've eliminated plastic from our operations, delivering your luxury with a conscience.