Grantley Hall and BC SoftWear: Crafting Luxury Experiences in Yorkshire

Grantley Hall and BC SoftWear: Crafting Luxury Experiences in Yorkshire

Posted by BC SoftWear on 6th Mar 2024

Grantley Hall and BC SoftWear: Crafting Luxury Experiences in Yorkshire

Grantley Hall and BC SoftWear: Crafting Luxury Experiences in Yorkshire

Posted by BC SoftWear on 6th Mar 2024

It’s no surprise that the owners of Grantley Hall fell in love with it. With its sweeping drive and majestic façade, it is a true jewel, hidden in the Yorkshire Dales.

Grantley Hall offers its guests 5-star luxury. This beautiful country resort hotel boasts 47 exquisite bedrooms, the indulgent Three Graces Spa and five renowned restaurants.

We are delighted to have worked with them from the beginning.

Reputation precedes

Our relationship with the owners of Grantley Hall began when they were impressed enough with a BC SoftWear robe in a 5-star London hotel, they sought out our label and got in touch.

Grantley Hall’s General Manager, Andrew McPherson, had also come across our linens at a previous role at a luxury Wiltshire hotel, so was aware of our reputation and product range.

We’ve had the privilege of working with the team at Grantley Hall since their grand opening in the spring of 2019, and BC SoftWear products continue to be a key part of their offering.

Exceeding expectations

Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want, as was the case with Grantley Hall. We take great care to accommodate all requirements, with the knowledge that the guest experience will be one of ultimate comfort.

We get equal pleasure from working with clients for whom we can provide guidance and support, helping them choose products that will be right for their particular needs.

True opulence

For their impeccable bedrooms and suites, Grantley Hall selected a range of hand embroidered and branded products.

Our velvety soft Elegance bathrobes offer the ultimate in softness. 100% cotton velour on the outside with absorbent cotton towelling on the inside – guests feel enveloped in luxury. Grantley Hall chose to have their logo embroidered, with their own label stitched in.

Cosy children’s Fleecy robes were also supplied, along with Grantley Hall embroidered Laundry Bags – offering that additional, personal touch that guests remember.

Guests love to take home truly comfortable slippers, so it’s no surprise that Grantley Hall chose our luxurious fleece bedroom slippers, with a sturdy rubber sole and soft fleecy comfort that feels warm to the touch.

For their bathroom towels, Grantley Hall felt that our 770gsm Monaco range would fit the bill. This towel range is supremely thick with a striking rope design woven into the header bar – it truly speaks of luxury.

Grantley Hall chose our full Monaco range to be embroidered with their logo, including bath sheets, hand towels, bath mats, face cloths and mitts.

Deep breath

At Grantley Hall’s Three Graces Spa, wellbeing runs through every aspect of the experience. As you’d expect, there was no compromise when it came to spa linen and accessories.

We supplied bespoke lounge chair covers for the Three Graces Spa, especially produced in the colour shade of Pebble. The towelling is super soft, comfortable and highly absorbent, the extra-long length ensures they stay in place.

Our SupremeSoft robes have earned their reputation amongst spas – at 300gsm, they are the perfect alternative to lightweight robes, whilst offering practical benefits. This robe has an incredibly soft and velvety feel on the outside, which is quick-drying, with absorbent towelling on the inside.

Grantley Hall chose to have the Three Graces logo embroidered on their robes, along with bespoke branded Flip Flops, which we also supplied for the spa.

And relax

There are few things more inviting than a beautifully dressed massage bed.

For their Three Graces Spa, Grantely Hall chose our SupremeSoft extra large treatment towels and header towels in our Pebble shade.

SupremeSoft fabric is a practical blend of cotton and polyester, which absorbs less oils, and because it is lighter than traditional towelling, it dries faster saving energy and time. This was particularly important for Grantley Hall, having installed their own in-house laundry.

Lightweight and warm, these versatile towels can be used for guests during their treatment; and they are often used in relaxation spaces for clients to wrap themselves in post treatment.

Exceptional value

Working with brands such as Grantley Hall gives us insight and deep understanding of the needs of hotels and spas, to ensure we are always innovating.

“Grantley Hall is proud to work with BC SoftWear and we have had a strong working relationship since we opened the hotel with their products back in 2019. Grantley Hall has found BC SoftWear to have the highest quality, luxury products for our guests that also deliver exceptional value”.

Andrew McPherson, Grantley Hall General Manager